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We believe that the future of healthcare will depend on good people and great technology. We are committed to investing in and supporting the most innovative health startups in Australia with resources, capital, and connections.

Built for Founders:

The LX HealthTech fund invests exclusive in early stage healthtech startups, including health, wellbeing, medical, bio, sports, and AI sectors at the pre-seed and seed stage.

💡 Surrounding startups with the knowledge, community, and capital they need to grow.

Qualities We Seek:

✔️ Team Capability – A dedicated skilled and ambitious team

✔️ Problem Size – The problem your solving is massive

✔️ Large Market – A significant market potential to pursue

✔️ Traction – Demonstrated in the form of customer acquisition or user engagement

✔️ Unique Value Proposition – A clear value proposition and competitive advantage


LX Health is uncovering and supporting the most groundbreaking healthcare technologies.
We invest exclusively in early-stage Australian startups that have the potential to transform the healthcare industry.

Pitch for Investment:

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