Stripped Supply

Never run out of diabetes supplies again. We’re Australia’s first diabetes subscription box, conveniently delivering your diabetes supplies directly to your door, without you having to think about it.

Ashley Hanger was inspired to start Stripped Supply after witnessing the challenges her partner, Tristan, faced while managing his diabetes.

Ashley Hanger, Founder of Stripped Supply and alumni from LX Accelerator ’22, started her journey into the world of entrepreneurship after she noticed her partner Tristan forgetting to order life-saving medical supplies for diabetes. Recognising this was a common problem, Ashley decided to create a service to simplify the process of obtaining these supplies, and Stripped Supply was born. Operating as a subscription box service, Stripped Supply automatically delivers custom-order boxes of medical supplies directly to the doors of individuals living with diabetes.

Despite her initial limited knowledge of diabetes and fear of needles, Ashley joined diabetes communities online to educate herself about the condition. She also conducted various fundraising activities to raise awareness and funds for diabetes research. 

Apart from running the business, Ashley also contributes to the diabetes community through her Instagram feeds and blog. She offers valuable advice on managing the condition and shares inspirational stories from individuals living with type 1 diabetes. As for the future, Ashley aims to expand Stripped Supply to other countries, such as New Zealand, the UK, and the US. She also envisions potentially adapting the business model to assist people with other chronic health conditions.

Overall, Ashley’s primary motivation behind founding Stripped Supply is to support those battling chronic illnesses, like diabetes, by alleviating the burdens associated with managing their condition. Her efforts have not only helped her partner Tristan, who hasn’t run out of supplies since signing up for the service, but also countless other individuals living with diabetes in Australia.